The CNAG seeks collaboration in sequencing projects with researchers from the public and private sectors and provides expertise in project design, sequencing, data analysis and interpretation.


We offer researchers state-of-the-art methods for massive parallel sequencing and data analysis for a wide range of applications.


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We work together with you to generate genomic data sets to boost your research!


Sequencing Platform


At the CNAG sequencing platform the experimental workflow includes library preparation, cluster generation and sequencing


We currently operate 1 Illumina HiSeq 4000, 2 Illumina HiSeq 2500, 9 Illumina HiSeq 2000 and 1 Illumina MiSeq all with a sequencing capacity of over 800 Gbases per day.


The CNAG offers researchers access to cutting edge technology for high throughput sequencing for a wide range of applications.


The members of the sequencing platform are postdoctoral research scientists, engineers and technicians who are professionally trained and form a highly qualified team to accomplish the specialized scientific tasks of sequencing. They have established, and continue to develop, many techniques to analyze the information encrypted in genomes.



Data Analysis

The data analysis pipeline includes more than half of the CNAG staff and it is strongly supported by a computing infrastructure of 7.6 petabyte of data storage and 3472 cores of computing.


The CNAG provides robust state of the art data analysis pipelines for Mendelian disease gene discovery, complex disease gene identification, somatic variant identification, de novo genome assembly, differential gene expression, identification of novel spliced isoforms, cytosine-methylation analysis and epigenetic analysis among others.


Final data interpretation is done by our in-house bioinformatics teams or by collaborators who are hosted on site.


The focus of these collaborations is the delivery of results from the analysis of the sequencing data.


Computing Services and Resources