Promoting SINgle cell GEnomics to explore the ecology and evolution of hidden microeuKaryotes
Microbial eukariotes cover the widest phylogenetic diversity in the eukaryotic tree of life and are essential components of all Earth’s ecosystems. Paradoxically, they remain large unknown, hiding a wealth of genes and genomes that are key to understand the ecology and evolution of microbial...
Coordinator: Ramon Massana
A distributed infrastructure for life-science information - Building a sustainable European infrastructure for biological information, supporting life science research and its translation to medicine, agriculture, bioindustries and society
From September 2015, ‘ELIXIR-EXCELERATE’ is facilitating the integration of Europe’s bioinformatics resources, supporting all sectors of life-science R&D. It will deliver excellence to ELIXIR’s users by fast-tracking the development and deployment of essential data services.
Coordinator: Niklas Blomberg
Multi-scale complex genomics
The European three-dimensional (3D) genomics project entitled “Multi-scale complex genomics” (MuG) is coordinated by Dr. Modesto Orozco, at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) and it will be conducted over three years with a budget of 3 million euros. The goal is to...
Coordinator: Modesto Orozco
Breast CAncer STratification - Understanding the determinants of risk and prognosis of molecular breast cancer subtypes. The aim of B-CAST is to identify women at moderate to high risk of breast cancer, the subtype of cancer that is most likely to develo
The B-CAST project (Breast CAncer STratification) is coordinated by the Netherlands Cancer Institute Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek and it will be conducted over five years (until September 2020). Breast tumours are heterogeneous, and result from the complex interplay of multiple lifestyle/environmental...
Coordinator: Marjanka Schmidt
Dynamics of human genome architecture in stable and transient gene expression changes
The classical view of genomes as linear sequences has been replaced by a vision of nuclear organization that is both dynamic and complex, with chromosomes and genes non-randomly positioned in the nucleus. Process compartmentalization and spatial location of genes modulate the transcriptional output...
Coordinator: Miguel Beato
Biobanking and Biomolecular Research Inffrastructure - Large Prospective Cohorts
In response to a specific infrastructure call of the FP7 of the European Commission, BBMRI-LPC (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure – Large Prospective Cohorts) a European-wide project involving 30 partners from 17...
Coordinator: Markus Perola