The Biomedical Genomics group's main line of research is mining, analysis and re-analysis of genomic data from biomedical studies.


The objective is to answer questions that go beyond the initial hypotheses that underlay the studies to shed light on how genome sequence, structure and usage relates to disease, disease initiation, disease progression and disease mechanisms. The group also studies genomic features related to disease at different cellular levels. The source is data produced at the CNAG combined with data produced elsewhere. The disease areas range from rare to common disorders including cancer.  

The group analyses data generated within the Spanish and EU-funded projects ICGC-CLL, AirPROM, BLUEPRINT, RD-Connect, IBD-Character, Iberian Lynx, Malaspina, and BBMRI-LPC.

Ivo G. Gut

Group Leader

Justin Whalley

Postdoctoral Fellow

Gian Andri Thun

Postdoctoral Fellow

Miranda Stobbe

Postdoctoral Fellow

Lukasz Roguski

PhD Student

Ryoji Takahashi

Postdoctoral Fellow
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