Genome, Transcriptome, and Epigenome Analysis of Single Cells.

Technologies for single cell analysis have reached the limits of what is possible in molecular biology and the computational methods dedicated to this field harbour many challenges.  
The Single Cell Genomics Team at CNAG is dedicated to advance genome research of single cells and targets to enable the researchers to use single cell technology in scalable and affordable manner. We successfully established sequencing-based protocols to quantify gene expression of thousands of single cells. Specifically, we apply Massively Parallel RNA Single-Cell Sequencing (MARSseq) and SMARTseq2 to evaluate transcriptome profiles of single cells or from ultra-low input material.  
To be also able to characterize the single cell genome and epigenome, we are developing new approaches for the identification of somatic alterations or open chromatin states. New computational strategies are supported by our single cell data analysis experts with computational methods deconvolute tissue composition, determine cell type heterogeneity, identify novel cell type defining markers or track transcriptional dynamics.  

Our research expertise is complemented with CNAG’s large next-generation sequencing capacity coupled with high performance supercomputer. We are also equipped with a microfluidic device (Fluidigm C1), an automated liquid handling platform and we collaborate with experienced FACS facilities.  
Our experience in single cell genomics is unique in Spain and suits research on virtual every species, tissue or disease context. We welcome partnerships and collaborations across all areas of life sciences as well as computational projects to tackle the analytic complexity of single cells.

Holger Heyn

Team Leader

Amy Guillaumet

Postdoctoral Fellow

Gustavo Rodríguez

Postdoctoral Fellow

Elisabetta Mereu

Data Analyst

Atefeh Lafzi

PhD Student

Matteo Massidda

PhD Student
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